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Senior Caffeine Benefits and Tips

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Senior Caffeine Benefits and Tips

For people of all ages, caffeine is a common source of everything from basic comfort to energy and motivation. But did you or your senior loved one realize that caffeine also has a specific link to certain major senior health areas, including lowering risk of Alzheimer’s disease?

At Legacy House in Southern Hills, our senior living services include memory care and other tactics to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia conditions. Let’s go over how caffeine might help in this and other major health areas, plus how to ensure your loved one is getting the proper sources of caffeine as a caregiver.

Caffeine Benefits

There are a few specific benefits of caffeine for aging people:

  • Alzheimer’s prevention: More and more research over recent years has shown that drinking moderate amounts of coffee (no more than three cups per day) helps improve cognitive health. People who drink coffee in this range are at up to 65 percent lower risk for dementia than those who drink low or extremely high amounts.
  • Chronic inflammation: Research also shows that caffeinated beverages help lower rates of inflammation in the body, which is a huge benefit – inflammation is a big part of diseases like cancer, arthritis, asthma and diabetes. Reducing inflammation can help prevent the onset of these conditions.
  • Heart health: While some are convinced caffeine benefits the heart as well, more research is needed here. Certain new studies indicate that caffeine helps prevent certain cardiac illnesses, but this research is not yet proven conclusive.

Proper Sources of Caffeine

When it comes to seniors and caffeine, the source of the caffeine is a vital consideration. When caffeine comes from coffee and tea, it’s generally best – drinks like soda and energy beverages often come with additional health risks, and these may cancel out all the positives found in caffeine. These drinks are incredibly high in sugar, and also often contain amounts of caffeine that will rocket a senior past “moderate” levels of consumption and into dangerous levels that may come with side effects. Shoot for coffee or tea wherever possible.

For more on seniors and caffeine, or to learn about any of our assisted living communities and services, speak to the caregivers at Legacy House in Southern Hills today.