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Making the Move-In Process Smooth

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Making the Move-In Process Smooth


For nearly all who go through the process, moving to a senior living community can be a tough process for a senior entering a later stage in life. Moving into an assisted living center signals to some that they’re in the final stages of life, and reminds others of the limitations they now have as part of daily life.

At the same time, a move to a senior living center can be enormously valuable for many seniors. At Legacy House in Southern Hills, we’re here to not only make the move meaningful and valuable for all our residents, but our caring professionals can help with making the move-in transition a little easier. Here are a few tips we offer to seniors and their caregivers in this area.

Get Involved Early

There’s no need to wait until after the actual move-in to get you or your loved one involved with the new community. There are often enrichment and community events that you’ll be welcome to attend even before you move in – we encourage this, along with trial stays in some cases. This helps with introductions to staff and other residents, as well as an understanding of how basic programs run and a comfort that builds before the move-in day even arrives.

Downsizing Without Losing Familiarity

Another big planning factor, particularly if the move is being made from a larger home, is downsizing possessions effectively without losing you or your loved one’s sense of familiarity in their living space. Prioritize the most treasured possessions, but also look for items or areas that can be downsized or put into storage. Consider asking friends or doing research online if you’re struggling here.

Visitors and Housewarming

Soon after the move-in, it’s great to have a steady stream of visitors to keep tings busy and remove any issues of loneliness. At the same time, don’t overwhelm your loved one with too many visitors, who might keep them from getting involved with other facility programs and expanding their social network.

In addition, consider a housewarming party if everyone is up for it. This will give the senior something to look forward to, plus a chance to show off the new home.

Be Ready for Struggles

No matter what you do, there will be some challenges during this process. There will be some days that are easy, but others that are difficult and emotional as you plan for the transition. Just be prepared for some struggles and remember that you’re all on the same side.

For more on easing the transition into a senior living facility, or to learn about any of our assisted living services, speak to the caregivers at Legacy House in Southern Hills today.