COVID-19 Update - Legacy Village Las Vegas, NV

COVID-19 Information

At Legacy Retirement Communities, ensuring the safety of our residents and associates during the COVID-19 pandemic is paramount and is part of our daily lives. Along with the many precautions we’ve been taking over the past year, the FDA, along with the CDC, recently approved the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. As part of a U.S. government program, Legacy residents and associates have all been provided the opportunity to receive the vaccine. We will continue following CDC and local government regulation and guidance in order to keep our Legacy family healthy and safe.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

“Our residents, their families and our associates have been waiting for this. They are excited. We are excited. We believe this is a great initiative and we are so pleased to see that our government leaders made vaccinating front line workers and seniors top-priority.” says Cory Hafen, Vice President of Senior Operations for Legacy Retirement Communities.

Legacy Retirement Communities has partnered with Walgreens to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to our residents and associates. This partnership and program will provide end-to-end management of the vaccination process; including safe storage and handling of the vaccine; to make sure residents and associates are vaccinated safely and effectively.

While we are excited to have a new tool in our toolbox to fight the coronavirus, Legacy Retirement Communities will remain vigilant. Legacy residents and associates will continue to take precautions to stay healthy, including the use of personal protective equipment, enhanced sanitation protocols, physical distancing and COVID-19 testing.

“Keeping Legacy residents safe, secure and connected has been a full-time job during this pandemic. Our associates have risen to the challenge in challenging times. I am proud of the work they have done,” Hafen says. “The future looks bright.”

Visitor Policy

Since the first reports of the COVID-19 virus, Legacy has been monitoring the situation and adjusting our protocols as things rapidly change—sometimes even daily. Communicating closely with our residents and families is of utmost importance to us, while continuing to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents, associates, and families. The CDC recommends we follow the “high risk” guidelines for those who are over the age of 65 and have pre-existing conditions.

We understand the overall wellbeing of our residents is important and have worked with state and local health departments to establish guidelines to accommodate limited in-person visits with your loved ones.

In-Person Visiting Guidelines

In-person visits are dependent upon the COVID-19 status of our community, and follow local, state and CDC guidelines.
Limit of 2 guests per visit (guests must be old enough to wear required personal protective equipment (PPE) for the entire visit)
All visitors will be screened and must wear facility provided PPE including gown, mask, and gloves. This PPE kit will be provided at a charge of $4.00 per individual to cover the actual cost of the supplies. This charge will be added to the resident’s bill.
Visits are by appointment and must be scheduled in advance
Visits will be limited to 30 minutes
Physical distancing guidelines of 6 feet must be maintained during the visit
Hand hygiene must be performed immediately when entering the community
Visits will be held in designated areas at the community

Communal Dining / Activities

Dining rooms will be sanitized after each meal
Physical distancing guidelines will be maintained during all meals
Residents will be provided with non-reusable / disposable condiments
As always, proper sanitization of plates and silverware will be completed after each use
Staff delivering or serving meals will wear proper PPE
Legacy associates conducting activities and interacting with residents will wear proper PPE and ensure physical distancing guidelines are observed
Hand sanitizer will be used when entering and exiting the dining room or activity area

We know the importance of these visits and are excited for these changes. Please understand that visits will be suspended, and communal dining / activities may be modified if the community has current COVID-19 positive residents or staff and based on PPE availability. We are appreciative of the trust you place in Legacy Retirement Communities and the services we provide. Let us continue to work together taking precautions both inside and outside of our communities to ensure our resident’s safety, happiness, and wellbeing. The efforts of each of us are essential. Please direct any questions you may have to your Executive Director.

Tour Policy

On behalf of everyone at Legacy Retirement Communities, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19—this includes not only those diagnosed with the virus, but also their friends and family. Many of you may also be feeling uncertain about the future and what resources may be available to assist you in this challenging time. While many restrictions continue during this pandemic, Legacy continues to be a ready resource and partner for those wanting or needing senior living services.

Providing excellent care with Personal Touch continues to be our number one priority. We understand that even now, seniors and their families may be in need of the services Legacy provides. We also understand that future residents and family members often want to see the community in person and experience our Personal Touch culture firsthand. With guidance from government, state, and local health departments, we now have the ability to accommodate in-person tours.

In-Person Community Tour

In-person tours are dependent upon the COVID-19 status of our community, and follow local, state and CDC guidelines.
Tours will be limited to potential resident (s) and 2 additional family/caregivers (guests must be 18 years or older)
All visitors will be screened prior to the visit and must wear facility provided PPE. PPE will include gown, mask and gloves
Tours must be scheduled in advance and will not be held during mealtimes
Tours will be limited to 30 minutes
Physical distancing guidelines of 6 feet will be maintained during tours
Customized tours for prospective Memory Care residents will be done virtually.
In-person tours will be suspended if the community has any current positive COVID cases.

If an in-person tour is not the best option for you, we are still able to provide virtual tours, advice and assistance over the phone, by email and other digital platforms. If there is an immediate need for you or a loved one, please contact us.