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Alternative Senior Transportation Options

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August 14, 2018
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Alternative Senior Transportation Options

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For many seniors, one of the largest struggles that comes with aging is a loss of independence. This can be seen in several different potential areas, from struggles with movement to issues with certain daily tasks, and one big area that often sees a sweeping change is driving.

At Legacy House in Southern Hills, our senior living program includes caregivers who understand how tough this loss of independence can be for many seniors. There comes an age when many people put away their keys and have to find other ways of getting around when they need to. If you’re a caregiver helping care for a senior loved one outside our assisted living facility, here are some tips we can offer on good alternative transportation options if you aren’t around to drive your loved one where they need to be.

National Volunteer Transportation Center

Run by the National Center for Mobility Management, this is a fantastic online resource that allows residents in any state in the country to find volunteer transportation options. This is a robust list that often will provide several transportation programs near where your loved one lives. The state of Nevada, for instance, has 12 different individual volunteer programs providing rides and other transportation offerings to seniors and those who need them.

Uber, Lyft and Other Ridesharing

Modern technology has greatly benefitted the transportation area, namely in ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Many may think of these companies as primarily geared to younger generations, and this may even be true, but anyone with a smartphone can use this service and ridesharing companies are catering more and more to older adults these days. There are even simple services, such as GoGoGrandparent, that allow seniors who aren’t comfortable with a smartphone to book a ridesharing experience when they need one.

Other Organizations

Within your locality, chances are there are at least a few general ride offerings out there provided by different healthcare organizations. Many hospitals, for instance, have vans and other vehicles available to help seniors or others with mobility issues get to and from their appointments more easily. These kinds of programs generally come at no cost to the user, or are built into their healthcare plans. Make sure you inquire about these.

Senior Centers

Another area to look at, particularly if you live in a significant metropolitan area, is senior centers. These are generally located in many major counties, offering programs to help older adults who may not yet be in an assisted living facility, but can still use some help and stimulation from time to time.

One service these senior centers often provide is transportation, either themselves or through an outside agency. Once again, there’s a simple online resource available here to help you or your loved one find the closest senior center to you.

For more on senior transportation options when driving is no longer a possibility, or to learn about any of our senior living services, speak to the staff at Legacy House in Southern Hills today.